• Analytical service with
    the best insight about
    the market
    Increase prices by 1%
    and your profit will be 10 – 12% higher

Improve your pricing with the European leader in competitor price analysis. Explore our extensive ways of monitoring and price analysis.

The analytical service with the best insight about the market.

Analytical reports which will give you thorough price monitoring on your competitors´ behaviour!

What is the overall price level of competitors´ categories? Which products competitors offer and you do not? When do they reprice? Dozens of other various competitive pricing analyses are available for you.

Thorough competitive price monitoring about the market

Competitor pricing data is downloaded directly from shops every workday. If you want, you can receive downloaded monitored pricing data more times per day. Only current data is relevant!

Exact automatic matching

Advanced semantic pairing is used for product matching. This technology enables pairing of products and competitive price monitoring successfully in various categories such as IT, white goods, cameras, perfumes, tires, etc.

We're not the only ones excited about Karsa Monitor price monitoring services

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